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July 2017

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    Self Preservation

    Things I did this week that are part of my self care campaign that I just started for myself.

    1) I remain teachable and made my  therapy appointment. I received my 2nd assignment of approaching all subjects with a positive attitude. We will see how this lesson turns out. I’m sure my husband will get the most benefit as I’m already a positive person just not always with him.

    2) Said no to my daughter of all people. I had this weekend planned to do nothing as I needed it. I wanted to recharge since we’ve been on the go. I felt guilty for about 30 seconds because I knew she would live.

    3) Took time to rest and recharge. I took cat naps and took it easy.

    4) Read. Continued reading Zelda.

    Zelda Fitzgerald

    5) Journaled – for me journaling is more than just what happened in my day , it’s a safe place to leave thoughts that need to get out of my head. It also houses my hopes and dreams. Even if those dreams are to swim with otters one day.

    6) Went on a few 2 mile walks

    7) Doodled- I can’t draw worth a damn but when I attempt to it’s always a cat doodle.

    Things I didn’t do

    1) Meditate

    Meditation for Beginners
    2) Yoga

    Yoga for beginners
    3) Drink more water.

    Benefits of drinking water 

    How were you kind to yourself? What self care  did you practice.  I’m interested in hearing what others do for self care & self love ❤️

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    Live in the moment

    I’ve had 2 therapy sessions in the last two weeks. I didn’t do therapy the last two years and now I’m up to my eyeballs in therapy. Family therapy session for the next 6 months and my own CBT therapy. 

    We started family therapy last week and it was really a good experience. Nothing earth shattering but good insight on how we as a family work as a whole. 

     I love therapy because when I leave my session the therapist  assigns homework. I always love a good challenge and also I’m secretly competitive and  feel like the therapist is daring me as if he doesn’t think I can succeed. 

    Working to be a better version of you is a lot freaking work. Hard work that will hopefully pay off by being a better huma. A better human that will in turn somehow make the world a teeny tiny bit better place. 

    This weekend I practiced truly living in the moment. 

    We took a weekend getaway to Austin. The first place on our list was Hamilton Pool Reserve

    I made a reservation for this place in late April. It was worth the wait and the quarter mile hike in the blazing heat. This place was amazing. 

    I was in my element sun and cool refreshing beautiful water. There were a few mishaps along the way. As a family we had some bickering due to communication break down but like a team we talked it out figured out what not to do and moved on. 

    I for one also had to work on refocusing my brain which is super hard. Trying to retrain an almost 45 year old mind is challenge for sure.  If my mind tried to get off on a tangent I tried to bring it  back in by focusing on the beauty around me. I love the beauty of nature and at heart I love to play outside and get dirty. It takes me back to being a kid. Nature truly awakens my spirit. 

    At the end of the night we hung out around the fire (yep in the middle of the summer) I learned the fire keeps bugs away lol. I looked at all of us my nieces included and was so proud on how far we’ve come as a family. I also gave myself a little credit as well. 

    Still growing still trying. I’m taking each of these experiences and practicing living in the moment. I find living in the moment slows down time and most importantly good for your mental health.  

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    New Therapist Take 1

    This is me…. and I need therapy. There I said it ! Really it’s not a big deal, in fact I think if you never ever thought you needed therapy you are missing out. Missing out on personal growth and learning lots of  insight about yourself.

    Even Katy Perry or rather Katherine Perry  live streamed her session. See link below.

    Katy Perry therapy session live stream

    I also love learning new words like parental child or Cognitive Behavior therapy.

    Parental child- for those of you who would like to know is usually the oldest more responsible of the siblings and most times a female. To be clear the only part of the definition I fall into is the “oldest” sibling. I learned this word while talking about the grieving process and my journey with losing my dad.

    I’ve participated in therapy for about 7 years, though not straight through because the last two years I took a break. The search for a new therapist is always a tough one. In fact I despise it and almost always dread the first appointment. Sometimes you know right away that you and the therapist will not make a good match. I’ve gone through quite a few. It’s important you connect with your therapist. At first in the beginning when I started therapy I didn’t know that. I thought it was clinical and it was just suppose to stick and miraculously work.

    Sometimes I ended up giving therapy to my own therapist or I’ve had a therapist cry after sharing some deep parts of my life. I think that particular therapist probably needed good therapy herself.

    I also had the judgy therapist (GAWD those are the worst ) like they can’t even fake their distain for you.

    I met my new therapist on Friday and instantly connected. He’s great and he did a lot of homework on me. Our first appointment was about a month wait time but well worth it. He’s much more up to speed technology wise than my therapists in the past. I was able to provide a write up on myself before getting to the appointment. To my suprise he actually read it. I even forgot some of things I wrote and had to be brought up to speed on some of my other issues. Lol.

    I start Cognitive Behavioral therapy and I’m super excited about it. If anyone cares to read the actual definition. See below.

    CBT definition
    All I gathered is it can’t hurt and I just might be able to retrain my mind and something about my mind’s plasticity. Either way I’m down for anything that does not require medication.

    Things I’m currently trying to help with my mental state.

    1) Meditation. Although I haven’t tried yet I enjoy listening to mediation by Jason Stephenson on YouTube. Authentic you meditation. Thank you to my Pepper Vintage friend for this suggestion.

    2) I listen to Tibetan singing bowls while I work. It eases the stress. Tibetan singing bowls

    3) I set aside Sunday mornings for coloring. I can’t color worth a damn and it takes me hours to finish one page. It’s soothing to only think about what shade of pink to use.

    Currently reading and coloring You Are Here

    4) Sage smudging see previous post. I’ve yet to do a redo of the last one. I will use Sage smudging 101 as a guide the next time.

    This business of having a mental illness and trying to keep balance is some hard work. It’s exhausting and so I push on looking for ways that might help. I’ve tried medication and it’s just not for me. So here I am on this semi holistic journey to keep my mind and spirit balanced.

    Closing my post with the quote below. I don’t know who the quote belongs to but this is how I view  my therapy will take me.

    You already are, the peace you are looking for. Be still and know that.