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August 2017

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    Postcards from Pepper


    September is Suicide Prevention month and I have prepared a new Pepper Post Card for this month’s campaign. Starting to tomorrow on my Facebook Pepper Vintage I will be asking for my friends of Pepper to send in a photo with caption why life is beautiful. It can be your grand baby, your fur baby, yourself , a place you love to go like the beach, whatever it is that makes life beautiful for you.

    My approach is a little different. I want to take this month to celebrate life and remind us all how beautiful life can be. Anyone participating will receive the special Thank you Pepper Card, to add to this I will be selecting one person to receive a Pepper Self Care Package with Pepper Goodies and things to help you relax and practice self care.

    This subject is near and dear to my heart. I am a attempted suicide survivor 3x’s. At my worst time with my illness and my last suicide attempt I decided I would not let my illness win. I have been fighting back ever since. Recently I lost a really great friend to suicide and I know too many people who have had their lives changed forever because of suicide. While trying to cope with the loss of my friend, I decided to celebrate him. I gathered all the pictures I could of his travels and all the wonderful things I saw in his life. I wanted to focus and keep remembering how beautiful his life was even if he didn’t think so. He will be greatly missed and I am forever changed by him.

    I hope one day as a society we can get to the point where instead of judging one another we can have people feel loved and safe. If they are hurting they aren’t ashamed to say “I am not ok, I need help.”

    Let’s keep talking and loving one another. In all the darkness there is light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up. Much love, Pepper