• Mental Health Warrior – Rebecca
    Meet my Mental Health Warrior for April. Yes I am soooo behind on all my mental health warriors post. Below is a little bit about Bekr. In addition I would like to add that I met Bekr a few years ago when I started my facebook page. She runs a page called The Misadventures of Bipolar Girl and Friends. She’s been such a honest and raw example of how one lives day to day with mental illness. She is also a veteran of the Army and I consider her to be a great suppor and friend.   […]
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  • Mental Health Warrior – Aubrey
    I met Aubrey through the International Bipolar Foundation  Aubrey is the Social Media and Program Coordinator at IBPF and I am a blogger for IBPF. Through the connection with IBPF and the blogger program  I was able to get to know Aubrey a little better and selected her to receive a care package from Pepper Vintage. She is truly an inspiration, she has turned out to be someone I can turn to when I am struggling with my own illness. She  works hard to bring awareness to bipolar and mental […]
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  • Mental Health Warrior- Sammie Jo
    I wanted to start show casing some of the stories that come to me. I am honored for all of those who share their stories with me even the ones who asked me not to share their stories. I respect and admire all of them. In February I launched my first care package campaign, before that I was sending out post cards and mini care packages to those who were struggling a bit. I have tried to figure out how I can reach the people who follow my facebook page and instagram to let them know they are not […]
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  • Care Packages for Mental Health Warriors
    If you have ever struggled with a mental illness and felt alone, scared. If you felt as if no one cared, this is why I started my care package program. My experiences with terrible bouts of depression, bipolar episodes and suicide attempts were met with a lot of mixed emotions. Unfortunately very little kindness, compassion or well wishes were extended. No food trains or casseroles were made. No one really checked on the well being of myself or my kids. This was a very dark time for me. After […]
  • Motherhood and Mental Illness
      For Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to share my experience with being a mom and having a mental illness. Being a mom is a tough job on its own and it can be overwhelming. There is a ridiculous amount of pressure to be a perfect mom and there is always some sort of debate on how we should parent. Moms are typically the ones that are blamed for anything that goes wrong with their children. We are held to a standard by society that is impossible to achieve. We’ve seen movies made […]

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