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    Mental Health Warrior – Rebecca

    Meet my Mental Health Warrior for April. Yes I am soooo behind on all my mental health warriors post.

    Below is a little bit about Bekr. In addition I would like to add that I met Bekr a few years ago when I started my facebook page. She runs a page called The Misadventures of Bipolar Girl and Friends. She’s been such a honest and raw example of how one lives day to day with mental illness. She is also a veteran of the Army and I consider her to be a great suppor and friend.



    Hi everyone, Rebecca (Bekr) here. A little bio: I don’t like doing bios because I never know what to say, it feels weird 🤣 I am full of sarcasm and have a slightly dark sense of humor. I’ve reached level 43, married, and have two adorable furbabies. Originally from New Orleans, now living in Vegas. I was diagnosed with bipolar, ADD, PTSD. I’m looking forward to hanging around here for the month. Thank you Pepper for the opportunity to do this.

    I’ve included a link to her opening my carepackage because she is just too adorable to not share.



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    Mental Health Warrior – Aubrey

    I met Aubrey through the International Bipolar Foundation  Aubrey is the Social Media and Program Coordinator at IBPF and I am a blogger for IBPF.

    Through the connection with IBPF and the blogger program  I was able to get to know Aubrey a little better and selected her to receive a care package from Pepper Vintage. She is truly an inspiration, she has turned out to be someone I can turn to when I am struggling with my own illness. She  works hard to bring awareness to bipolar and mental illness.

    Below is the care package I sent out to her. I wish I had my own  picture to share but I had to steal this from her account 🙂



    Scroll down to read a little bit more on this amazing Mental Health Warrior



    Ever since I was in elementary school I felt as though there was something about me that set me apart from my peers. Over the years this feeling persisted but my perception of it varied; for every day spent feeling like a social pariah, I spent an equal amount of days in the opposite realm of narcissism. I wanted desperately to have one word that summed up the chaotic contradiction I considered myself. I was 18 when I received this all-encompassing word: bipolar. I instantly rejected it.

    Today I no longer feel that burning desire to define myself in one word. “Bipolar” is an incredibly impactful piece to my puzzle, but it is not the only piece. I’ve learned that it can be excruciatingly painful to live with and at other times it is the fire that fuels my success. Taking the good with the bad has allowed me to look back on my often times chaotic and contradictory life and embrace all of it. I can’t say that my past selves would recognize who I am today and that is okay as long as I continuously pick myself back up when I fall and keep my eye continually bettering myself. As Alice in Wonderland puts it, “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”

    I never could have imagined that I would be 26 years old working at International Bipolar Foundation and openly discussing my journey with bipolar disorder. It is even more amazing to me that I no longer feel different; I feel like I have found my “tribe”. I have discovered a community that is understanding, supportive, and determined to rise above the adversity we face. I do not know where this new path I am on will lead me but I am filled with optimism. I hope I can be of service to others who are struggling to find their own individual path to wellness because I wholeheartedly believe in you.


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    Mental Health Warrior- Sammie Jo

    I wanted to start show casing some of the stories that come to me. I am honored for all of those who share their stories with me even the ones who asked me not to share their stories. I respect and admire all of them.

    In February I launched my first care package campaign, before that I was sending out post cards and mini care packages to those who were struggling a bit. I have tried to figure out how I can reach the people who follow my facebook page and instagram to let them know they are not alone. I started with post cards and really loved interacting with my followers. I wanted to do something bigger and my care package program was born.

    Sammie Jo was my first recipient of my care package program. Below is a picture of the care package that was sent to her. She also was a rock star and helped me out with my page for a month. She is now a forever friend.


    Meet Sammie Jo

    Here is a little bit from Sammie Jo. You can also find her story and posts on my Facebook page.

    Sammie Jo’s Bio

    “I’m 35 years old and a mother of 4 currently living in Missouri 
    I’m originally from Pennsylvania where all my family and friends are that I miss dearly daily. 
    I currently struggling with postpartum depression which ive never experienced with any of my children but with my 6 month old son 
    Some days are worse than others but i do my best” Sammie

    I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet and interact with Sammie Jo. She is a total warrior and is doing her best to despite dealing with Postpartum depression. I hope that society can see these women as the warriors they are and extend support, love kindness and compassion.