Holiday Postcards

This past October was my 7 year anniversary of my rebirth, it was the anniversary in which I was officially diagnosed with Bipolar and the journey to healing began. It was NOT an easy journey for sure and as of this day I am still learning coping skills and how to manage my Bipolar. After leaving the Psychiatric hospital 7 yrs ago I always wanted to send out postcards to the hospital to let people know they were not alone. Still have not seem to get that project off the ground (like many other ideas I have). That is why I send out postcards to people who are on my facebook page and instagram.

Holidays are coming up and I’d love to send out some holiday postcards. I hope to spread a little Pepper and Buttons love to your mailbox. Check on my Facebook page or my instagram. You can always send me an email at pepper@peppervintage.com

Sending you all much love


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