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The fall/winter season is brutal for me; it’s like clockwork ,the time changes and I go spiraling down into the dark rabbit hole of depression. I am diagnosed as rapid cycling so fortunately (sometimes unfortunately) for me I also experience manic moods in between the spirals. Both moods aren’t good to have but the manic mood can provide some relief to the darkness.

Manic moods are often welcoming until they start to cause problems. I am grateful that I have made connections with people like myself, they have turned out to be my saving grace during the crazy times. The importance of having friends that have the same illness as you can be life saving. There are many times my bipolar friends have talked me off the ledge (figuratively of course)

During manic moods often times hypersexuality will show up adding more chaos to the mix. (By the way Hypersexuality  in my opinion is not discuss enough.) It is real burden to carry and especially hard to work through if you have no one to talk to. The subject is even more taboo when it comes to woman, especially one in a committed relationship.

If you are interested in understanding what Hypersexuality is here is a link to BPHope and articles in relation to Hypersexuality.


It is uncomfortable to try to talk to someone who is “normal” and never experienced this symptom . To explain that you are struggling with (for a lack of better words) keeping it in your pants or in my case keeping your legs closed can get you some weird looks or worst loss of friendships. This is a symptom of mania and no one should  feel ashamed for feeling they way you do during this time. There should be a safe place where you can discuss this issue. Friends who are like me can relate and we talk through it. I can be held accountable by having them check on me until the mood passes and/or  I make an appointment with my non judgmental therapist. (There’s another story on that – because judgmental therapist are the worst)

Having these types of talks with your companion can turn into nasty arguments that clearly aren’t good for a person going through hyper sexuality . I never bring this topic up in my current relationship because thankfully I have a great support group that understands. Hypersexuality doesn’t equal a terrible person it is symptom of a much bigger issue. I hope we can start to focus on this and how we can cope with this taboo symptom of mania.. It is one of the nuances of having Bipolar and I am glad hypersexuality does not show up often but when it does I at least have somewhat of a game plan.


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  • Kelly

    This is me. I have a few very close friends, most of whom do not know that I am bi polar. So I isolate myself. And more so at this time of year. People are still so judgemental & as a woman, when you factor in hypersexuality as one of your symptoms you just open yourself up to the litany of name calling & insults accompanied with the behaviour associated with hypersexuality. AS WELL as the stigma attached to your bipolar diagnosis. So, I keep it secret & I isolate myself so that I’m not made to feel worse than I already do. And I’m okay with that. For now.

    November 13, 2017 at 11:22 pm Reply
    • peppervintage

      I completely understand this. I’ve tried to share a little bit with my normal friends or friends I thought I could trust and it ends up blowing up on me. For now I only share with my bipolar friends and I am thankful for that. I want to focus a bit about this because it’s so hard to get help with this. Even doctors and therapists are uncomfortable with this subject. Thank you for sharing and again you are not alone I am right there with you dear.

      November 14, 2017 at 6:20 pm Reply

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