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Mental Health Warrior- Sammie Jo

I wanted to start show casing some of the stories that come to me. I am honored for all of those who share their stories with me even the ones who asked me not to share their stories. I respect and admire all of them.

In February I launched my first care package campaign, before that I was sending out post cards and mini care packages to those who were struggling a bit. I have tried to figure out how I can reach the people who follow my facebook page and instagram to let them know they are not alone. I started with post cards and really loved interacting with my followers. I wanted to do something bigger and my care package program was born.

Sammie Jo was my first recipient of my care package program. Below is a picture of the care package that was sent to her. She also was a rock star and helped me out with my page for a month. She is now a forever friend.


Meet Sammie Jo

Here is a little bit from Sammie Jo. You can also find her story and posts on my Facebook page.

Sammie Jo’s Bio

“I’m 35 years old and a mother of 4 currently living in Missouri 
I’m originally from Pennsylvania where all my family and friends are that I miss dearly daily. 
I currently struggling with postpartum depression which ive never experienced with any of my children but with my 6 month old son 
Some days are worse than others but i do my best” Sammie

I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet and interact with Sammie Jo. She is a total warrior and is doing her best to despite dealing with Postpartum depression. I hope that society can see these women as the warriors they are and extend support, love kindness and compassion.




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