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Live in the moment

I’ve had 2 therapy sessions in the last two weeks. I didn’t do therapy the last two years and now I’m up to my eyeballs in therapy. Family therapy session for the next 6 months and my own CBT therapy. 

We started family therapy last week and it was really a good experience. Nothing earth shattering but good insight on how we as a family work as a whole. 

 I love therapy because when I leave my session the therapist  assigns homework. I always love a good challenge and also I’m secretly competitive and  feel like the therapist is daring me as if he doesn’t think I can succeed. 

Working to be a better version of you is a lot freaking work. Hard work that will hopefully pay off by being a better huma. A better human that will in turn somehow make the world a teeny tiny bit better place. 

This weekend I practiced truly living in the moment. 

We took a weekend getaway to Austin. The first place on our list was Hamilton Pool Reserve

I made a reservation for this place in late April. It was worth the wait and the quarter mile hike in the blazing heat. This place was amazing. 

I was in my element sun and cool refreshing beautiful water. There were a few mishaps along the way. As a family we had some bickering due to communication break down but like a team we talked it out figured out what not to do and moved on. 

I for one also had to work on refocusing my brain which is super hard. Trying to retrain an almost 45 year old mind is challenge for sure.  If my mind tried to get off on a tangent I tried to bring it  back in by focusing on the beauty around me. I love the beauty of nature and at heart I love to play outside and get dirty. It takes me back to being a kid. Nature truly awakens my spirit. 

At the end of the night we hung out around the fire (yep in the middle of the summer) I learned the fire keeps bugs away lol. I looked at all of us my nieces included and was so proud on how far we’ve come as a family. I also gave myself a little credit as well. 

Still growing still trying. I’m taking each of these experiences and practicing living in the moment. I find living in the moment slows down time and most importantly good for your mental health.  


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