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Mental Health Warrior – Rebecca

Meet my Mental Health Warrior for April. Yes I am soooo behind on all my mental health warriors post.

Below is a little bit about Bekr. In addition I would like to add that I met Bekr a few years ago when I started my facebook page. She runs a page called The Misadventures of Bipolar Girl and Friends. She’s been such a honest and raw example of how one lives day to day with mental illness. She is also a veteran of the Army and I consider her to be a great suppor and friend.



Hi everyone, Rebecca (Bekr) here. A little bio: I don’t like doing bios because I never know what to say, it feels weird 🤣 I am full of sarcasm and have a slightly dark sense of humor. I’ve reached level 43, married, and have two adorable furbabies. Originally from New Orleans, now living in Vegas. I was diagnosed with bipolar, ADD, PTSD. I’m looking forward to hanging around here for the month. Thank you Pepper for the opportunity to do this.

I’ve included a link to her opening my carepackage because she is just too adorable to not share.




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