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Productive Manic Weekend

What a productive weekend.

I had the final touches for pepper birthday cards created. Thank you spouse for your illustration skills.

Started my application to turn Pepper into a non profit.

Made some cash selling on Poshmark.

Pepper Poshmark

Prepared another care package

Had brunch with my bff and found out that bacon jam is heaven on earth. Thank you Jessica

Bacon Jam

Celebrated my oldest 24th birthday!!! (How’d he get so old lol )

Created final T-shirt design for imperfectly perfect thank you again spouse for your illustration skills.

I did some peer to peer support on 7 Cups

Finished my blog post I started weeks ago.

Stop Searching

This is what a manic weekend can look like but also have a great support group.

Sometimes I can be off putting because I seem like I’m trying to out do people.

I find it hard at times to answer the question what are you up to? I usually don’t share all the things I am up to especially when I’m manic.

I promise I’m not trying to over achieve but I do enjoying hitting my goals when I have the energy . I’m living my life guided by my heart and sometimes my manic mood grants me the extra energy to accomplish lots on the to do list. I’m lucky to have people in my life that help me along on all these projects. I look forward to the manic mood because I will have my weeks where I’m at a stand still.

This year I’m putting extra effort to taking Pepper to the next level.

Thankful for all of you for pushing me along extending kindness so I can get brave to do these scary things.


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