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Self Preservation

Things I did this week that are part of my self care campaign that I just started for myself.

1) I remain teachable and made my  therapy appointment. I received my 2nd assignment of approaching all subjects with a positive attitude. We will see how this lesson turns out. I’m sure my husband will get the most benefit as I’m already a positive person just not always with him.

2) Said no to my daughter of all people. I had this weekend planned to do nothing as I needed it. I wanted to recharge since we’ve been on the go. I felt guilty for about 30 seconds because I knew she would live.

3) Took time to rest and recharge. I took cat naps and took it easy.

4) Read. Continued reading Zelda.

Zelda Fitzgerald

5) Journaled – for me journaling is more than just what happened in my day , it’s a safe place to leave thoughts that need to get out of my head. It also houses my hopes and dreams. Even if those dreams are to swim with otters one day.

6) Went on a few 2 mile walks

7) Doodled- I can’t draw worth a damn but when I attempt to it’s always a cat doodle.

Things I didn’t do

1) Meditate

Meditation for Beginners
2) Yoga

Yoga for beginners
3) Drink more water.

Benefits of drinking water 

How were you kind to yourself? What self care  did you practice.  I’m interested in hearing what others do for self care & self love ❤️


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